Axle weighing scale รหัสสินค้า ZH180F กรุงเทพมหานคร ประเทศไทย
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Axle weighing scale รหัสสินค้า ZH180F

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ZH180F is made of aluminum alloy, and it is ultra thin, light and portable. Compared with other products, the foldable plastic slope greatly improve measuring dynamic accuracy.
One ZH180F can statically or dynamically measure wheel weight, so double can be parallelly connected to measure axle weight. And the instrument, which is connected, can calculate the vehicle weight.

-Rated load: 20t
-Rated output: 0.9±0.1mv/v
-Repeatability: 0.05%FS
-Error on transverse: 0.1%FS
-Zero balance: ?1%FS
-Static comprehensive error: 0.1~0.5%FS
-Dynamic comprehensive error:
-1.0%FS(1~5km/h)  3~5%FS(5~10km/h)
-Non-linearity: 0.2%FS
-Use temp.range: -30~80?
-Compensated temp.range: -10~50?
-Temp.effect on span: 0.03%FS/10?
-Temp.effect on zero: 0.05%FS/10?
-Output resistance: 1000±3?
-Defend grade :IP 66/IP 68
-Ultimage overload: 150%FS
-Recommended voltage: 10V
-Excitation voltage: 9~15V
-Net weight: 38kg
-Max load of 1 /4 weigh bridge: 8t
-Full load: 20t
-Dimension of the surface:
-Insulation resistance: ?
-Remark: Four-core shielded
-cable is attached: ?5.8×10m
(The cable length can be changed according to customer’s request)


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