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Monitoring Gas รหัสสินค้า RK220 -1

ยี่ห้อ ambetronics


    Fail Safe Operation Design.
    Continues Gas Monitoring and Alarm System.
    Modular Design Card with Individual Display with Bar Graph indication for each sensor.
    Easily Expandable & easy for maintenance.
    Individual Alarm Relay/Open collector outputs for each sensor.
    Range, Resolution, Control Action, Latch Facility Programmable by Users/ Multilayer Password Protected.
    Inhibit/service mode, at the time of maintenance Alarm Relay become inactive.
    Easy Automatic software calibration  No Trim Pots.
    Optional Programmable linear 4~20 mA output with respect to Gas Concentration.


    Oil & Gas Industries
    Chemical & Petrochemical Plants
    Chemical Processing Plant
    Pulp & Paper Plants
    Acid Alkalizes & Dyes Mfg. Plants.
    Offshore Drilling & Processing
    Stack Monitoring
    Chemical Storage Area
    Ambient Monitoring
    Sewage Plants
    Fertilizers Plants
    Power & Industrial Plants
    Gas Metering Station
    Bullet Yard / Storage Yard
    Coal Mine and Confined Area
    Gas Pipeline Project
    Gas Cylinder Bank
    Heat Treatment Plants
    Automotive Industries / Paint Shops
    Burner / Furnace Areas

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