SIEMENS temperature measurement :SITRANS TH100 Prawet 31 Sukhaphiban 2 Rd Bangkok 10250 Thailand
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SITRANS TH100 is rigid designed for economic use. For example with saving of the galvanic insulation, which is not need for PT100. Therefore the TH100 offers economic plant operation and reliable measurements. It is an ideal substitute for over aged analogue PT100 transmitters. Setup is quick and easy with the transmitter-modem and SIPROM T. This configuration tool can be downloaded for free.


-Measures temperature with a linear output signal

-High accuracy across entire ambient temperature range

-Reduces plant noise

-Alarm signal for sensor break or short circuit according NAMUR 43

-Explosion protected executions for US, Canada and Europe

-Slim design, ideal for upgrade of installed PT100 probes with a 4-..20mA signal

-Rugged design, fully potted electronic

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